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Joyce–Collingwood Station

Joyce-Collingwood Station is an essential transportation hub in Vancouver, located on the Expo Line at the intersection of Joyce and Vanness Streets. This station is a popular stop for both locals and visitors to the city, providing easy access to a range of attractions and destinations. With its convenient location and range of amenities, Joyce-Collingwood Station is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore Vancouver.

At Joyce-Collingwood Station, you’ll find a range of services and facilities to make your journey easier. The station is wheelchair accessible and features elevators, escalators, and fare gates for easy navigation. Additionally, there are bike racks and a park and ride facility for those commuting from further away. From this station, you can easily explore top destinations such as Commercial Drive, the famous Granville Island, and Stanley Park, all just a short distance away on the Expo Line.

With its central location and range of amenities, Joyce-Collingwood Station is a popular choice for commuters and visitors to Vancouver. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, enjoy its natural beauty, or attend a sporting event or concert, this transportation hub provides easy access to everything Vancouver has to offer. Plan your trip today and make sure to include a stop at Joyce-Collingwood Station on your itinerary.